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Felipe Pavani Siqueira was born in April 07th 1983 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Influenced by his father, the multi-instrumentalist started his career at the age of 13,  performing in his school and at the age of 15 performed in a Brazilian Rock festival as bass player. 

Ever since Felipe has played in several bands, including a Beatles cover band that also had his father as member. 

 In 2008 he started the band “zero9” with his 2 Brothers and made his first record.  In 2015 decided to leave Rio to try his career in New York city where he went for an audition to try the permit to sing in the nyc subway, and in between 500 artists, he was among the top 20 artists enrolled.

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Listen to some songs performed

by Felipe Pavani

1 Doesn't Matter (Original Song)

2 Blue Planet (Original Song)

3 Here Without you

4 With Arms Wide Open

5 Wherever You Will Go

6 Lips Of An Angel

7 Don't Stop Believin'

8 Use Somebody


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